Dead Bosnian (44) – autopsy postponed to Tuesday

After the body of the Bosnian (44) was found on Saturday in Großgmain, the cause of death has not yet been clarified. Although the autopsy should have taken place on Monday, there was still no result. Meanwhile, the search for the missing suspect ex-husband with an arrest warrant continues.

It is still unclear how the 44-year-old Bosnian who was found dead on Saturday died. Because the autopsy scheduled for Monday was postponed by one day.

As reported, the body of Thomas Figurek’s wife and his rescue dog “Ronto” was found at the foot of the Untersberg while walking in a forest in Großgmain. At that point the missing person turned into a murder case.

The days before there had been a major search operation by the Salzburg police. The ex-husband’s car was discovered in the Lungau Riedingtal in Zederhaus. Traces of blood and an iron bar were also discovered in the white BMW.

No trace of the suspect yet
There is still no trace of the ex-husband, a 47-year-old Bosnian. An arrest warrant has been in place for him since Sunday. The police’s search is concentrated on the Lungau. There is no evidence that the man fled further.

The woman’s last sign of life came on Monday a week ago. She wanted to meet her ex-husband so that, after the divorce two years ago, she could clarify the sale of an apartment together.