Dead by Daylight: 50 million players on PC and consoles, and a board game launched on Kickstarter

Many studios have dabbled in multiplayer games gameplay asymmetrical, often turned towards horror elsewhere, but Dead by Daylight remains an almost unbeatable pioneer. The title of Behavior Interactive was launched in 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, then in 2019 on Switch.

And this week, the developers announce that Dead by Daylight has over 50 million PC and console players. Yes, Behavior Interactive makes a good distinction with Dead by Daylight Mobile, free-to-play and slightly different content, the success of the game premium is so impressive. The very numerous additional content from popular horror culture (cinema and video games) have contributed to its success, and remember that Dead by Daylight had been offered for a week when it arrived on theEpic Games Storeno doubt driving up the numbers.

To celebrate, well, Behavior Interactive only shares a small animation, trying to imitate the famous same from Spidermanbut at the same time the studio launches the board game Dead by Daylightconceived by Level 99 Games. The board game will normally arrive right for Halloween at the end of the year, with a standard edition and a collector’s edition, it’s to discover and pre-order on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding campaign being already a success. If you don’t have the video game, Dead by Daylight: Special Edition is sold €19.99 on Amazon.

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