Dead by Daylight: Sadako comes out of the well with a video and a collection of cosmetics

Dead by Daylight likes to add characters from horror films, and Japan has mastered this subject perfectly. As announced last month, Sadako franchise Ring arrives in the multiplayer game of Behavior Interactivethe developers share a new trailer today:

the Sadako Rising Chapter therefore introduces a new killer, Sadako in person, wearing her long white dress and scaring her victims with her black hair hiding her face. Players can also find a new Survivor in the person of Yoichi Asakawathe little boy in the movie who is now a marine biologist, but still can’t get rid of the curse of Sadako. Side gameplaythere are obviously new mechanics introduced with Sadako :

Sadako’s all-new gameplay gives Slayers a whole new approach to sacrificing their victims and forces Survivors to completely rethink how they escape their executioner. The new Slayer begins each game undetectable and invisible. When near a Survivor, her presence is only revealed intermittently. To attack, Sadako can manifest at will or take on material form by projecting herself through one of the level’s many televisions. Upon doing so, Sadako teleports to the location of the TV and manifests herself, increasing the Doom progress of any nearby Survivor. When a Survivor’s Condemnation meter is full, they can be instantly killed when downed.

Dave Richard, Creative Director of Dead by Daylightcomments:

New Slayers joining the Mist should be fun to play and fun to battle. In that sense, I think we really outdid ourselves with Sadako Rising. Whether playing as Sadako or Yoichi, fans will have to beware of new tactics and techniques that will change the way they attack or escape.

Reiko Imayasu, producer at Kadokawaadds:

Finally, the day has come for us to send Sadako into the Mist! She is a tragic horror queen and Yoichi is now an adult and a Survivor. The Dead by Daylight team has done a great job of continuing Yoichi’s story, and I think the years since the creation of the original characters were meant to get us this far. The seven-day wait, iconic television, and VHS integration all fit together in a way that only Dead by Daylight could have accomplished. This collaboration is undoubtedly a new start for the Ringu/Sadako series as well. I’m sure the whole world will also tremble at the sight of the new ultra-rare outfit for Sadako. I sincerely hope the fans survive. My deepest gratitude goes to the entire Dead by Daylight team for this collaboration!

In addition to these two characters included in the new Chapter, players can find the collection Sadako Risingwhich adds new cosmetic elements to customize the appearance of the killer and the Survivor :

  • Available for 1,485 Ora Cells, the ultra-rare Rotten Remains outfit for Sadako features the Slayer in an advanced stage of decomposition as she digs her nails into the muddy ground and slowly climbs the wall of the pit;
  • The very rare Yoichi’s Voyage of Research outfit can be purchased for 1,080 Ora Cells. It includes athletic shorts, a yellow beanie, and the windbreaker he wore while sailing off the coast of southern Japan in search of answers.

All this is available now in Dead by Daylight on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and Stadia. You can find the game in Special Edition at €21.99 on Amazon.

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