Dead Cells Becomes More Accessible With ‘Breaking Barriers’ Update

Released in the year 2018, the roguelite from studio Motion Twin, Dead Cells, has conquered the hearts of players and continues to attract new ones. Moreover, Dead Cells benefits from a real follow-up on the part of French developers. On this subject, the software has just received a new update. This is the patch “Breaking Barriers” which is now available on most gaming platforms.

Being a roguelite, Dead Cells necessarily offers difficulty. However, the studio decided to make it a little more approachable for all players, and more particularly for people with disabilities. This new update was developed in collaboration with the AbleGamers Foundation. On the Dead Cells page on Steam it says:

However, we realize that the way the game is designed may put some barriers to accessing this experience for some players. These new options are designed to allow specific and personal adjustments for those who need it, in order to make this “difficult, but fair game” accessible, instead of adding arbitrary difficulty levels that do not really meet the needs of users. players

Thus, “Breaking Barriers” allows players to change some options, as to the number of lives available, for example. In addition, players can decide whether or not to activate Assist mode, granting the possibility of adjusting the damage of traps, automatically activating attacks with the basic weapon and sending players back to the start of the level, and not to the HUB. , in case of death.

In addition, the “Breaking Barriers” update introduces some changes and fixes. The developers thus allow the modification of the size of the user interface, the size of the font, the background color filters or the customizable commands, among others. If you want more details about this update, know that the full patch notes and in English is available on the official site.

Note, finally, that activating the various accessibility options on Dead Cells will in no way handicap trophy/success hunters since Motion Twin has decided to leave them active, regardless of the settings selected.

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