Dead Space: A convincing gameplay trailer and a collector’s item with headphones for the remake

Scheduled for January 27, 2023 on PC and consoles, the remake of Dead Space proposes to reexperience a classic of horror science fiction. Remakes are increasingly popular, especially at Sony, with Demon’s Souls and The Last of Us, and we’re curious to see if Electronic Arts will seize the opportunity to do more than just a graphic overhaul sprinkled with improvements. of quality of life.


2023 - Millennium

A scary remake

To quote the official words of the press release, Dead Space wants to be faithful to the vision of the original work, which may suggest that it will not necessarily be restricted to existing content. The remake has taken care of the graphics, the sets, the details and the sound design, in order to make the adventure on board the ship even more immersive. Since the first title was quite dated, the environments and models often lacked detail. The dark and oppressive atmosphere, as well as the permanent uncertainty that accompanied Isaac Clark’s steps aboard the USG Ishimura, clearly contributed to the success of the first Dead Space. A new system, called the Intensity Manager, will dynamically adjust different elements, such as Necromorph attacks and environmental elements such as sound, smoke, heartbeats, even Isaac’s breathing in case of stress. It remains to be seen how exactly this will be handled, but it could add a degree of uncertainty, and therefore additional replayability, since players will no longer be able to know ambushes by heart, for example.


The horror was not limited to the deformed monsters who like to attack you from behind, there was also a psychological aspect, since madness reigns aboard the ship, and there is no guarantee that our protagonist will be completely spared. In the original game, Isaac Clark was completely silent, but he will now be voiced by Gunner Wright, who had already played this role in Dead Space 2 and 3. This may divide opinion, since these games are generally considered as less good. Additionally, hearing Isaac speak and chat with other characters could have a detrimental effect on the tension. This will be something to watch out for when it comes out.


Dismemberment in order

One of the most original elements of Dead Space is that it went against the grain of other stories of zombies and mutant monstrosities. Here, you should not aim for the head, but for the limbs. Dismembering a Necromorph is the best way to make it less dangerous and then killing it. The skinning system, introduced with the remake, will manage the physiognomy of enemies with great precision. Their skin, muscles, tendons and bones will be taken into account during Isaac’s attacks, which will give a realistic effect, both visually and in their combat performance. This will also make each weapon all the more unique in combat. The plasma cutter that shoots in line and the machine gun theoretically don’t have much to do with each other.


In addition to the possibility offered to navigate more freely in the weightless sections of the ship, Dead Space will also improve the level design and the connection of the zones due to it. The first game only allowed crossing them in a straight line. The objective is to allow the player to complete the game in one go, from the main screen to the end credits, without ever encountering a loading screen or a transition screen. New rooms and new obstacles have therefore been introduced to make exploration as smooth and immersive as possible.


A collector’s edition revealed

Now available for pre-order, Dead Space Remake will be accompanied by a collector’s edition on PS5, Xbox and PC, priced at $247.99. Its availability in Europe has not yet been confirmed. She understands :

  • Dead Space in physical version
  • A steel book
  • A life-size replica of issac’s helmet with LEDs
  • The Soundtrack on CD
  • A Lithograph Print in a Stamped Portfolio
  • 4 mini-posters
  • An Ishimura Crest
  • A pin marker
  • A small metal marker figurine

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