Deadpool 3 wants to save the MCU in a supercharged first trailer

During the Super Bowl, Marvel Studios unveiled the very first trailer for Deadpool 3, officially named Deadpool & Wolverine. We can discover the first steps of Wade Wilson within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the least we can say is that it will shake up.

Dead Pool

Deadpool 3 finally showed up in a trailer during the Super Bowl. We were able to discover the first images of Wade Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also the official title of the film: it will be called Deadpool & Wolverine.

Deadpool & Wolverine is the one and only Marvel Studios film planned for 2024. It will have the difficult task of giving a boost to a cinematic universe that is losing momentum and which is experiencing a series of failures. The character of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), used to breaking the fourth wall, plays on this, calling himself the “Marvel Jesus”. Planned release on July 26 in the United States.

Deadpool to team up with Wolverine in his third film

Deadpool & Wolverine will indeed be a sequel to Deadpool 2, which was not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because it was produced before the acquisition of Fox by Disney. But then how can we justify the arrival of the character alongside the other heroes of the firm? The answer is obvious: the multiverse.

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Deadpool will integrate the MCU thanks to the TVA (Time Variance Authority), an organization which aims to manage issues linked to parallel universes and which was at the center of the intrigue of the Loki series. The opportunity perhaps to revisit certain scenes from previous Marvel films and play with current events, as evidenced by the destroyed Fox logo seen in a few shots. In any case, this plot trick will allow us to introduce another non-MCU hero adored by fans: Wolverine, still played by Hugh Jackman.

It now remains to be determined whether this Deadpool & Wolverine will succeed in their mission, namely saving the MCU. If 2024 represents a break in the Marvel Studios calendar, 2025 should start again with a vengeance before the release of four films: Captain America Brave the New World, Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts and Blade.

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