Deals for the Christ Child: Save now on gifts for Christmas

Deals for the Christ Child
Save now on gifts for Christmas

This is how bargain hunters can find their next bargain.

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If you want to give your loved ones nice gifts at Christmas, you often have to get there early. That will apply more than ever in 2021.

You can already save on Christmas gifts: Due to the rising inflation rate and delivery bottlenecks, experts fear that certain products will be difficult to get this year – and that prices will also rise significantly.

“Customers should get Christmas presents now – as long as they still get them,” warns Gerrit Heinemann (61), economist at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, in conversation with the “Bild” newspaper. Gabriel Felbermayr (45), President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, explained in an interview with “t-online”that “for goods and gifts that are in high demand, electronic devices such as televisions or game consoles”, a “price increase of up to 20 percent” can be assumed.

Consumers should therefore seek gifts early enough. This increases the likelihood that exactly what your loved ones want will end up under the Christmas tree – and at the lowest possible price.

Compare the prices

In order to find out whether an offer is really a bargain, consumers should always compare the prices. Instead of scouring the Internet by hand, comparison portals such as “” or “” at. Users not only find current deals there, but can also search for specific products. In a clear list, interested parties can then see which shops are offering the product at which price.

Bargain after bargain

Fashion, consumer electronics, video games, coffee and more: on portals like “” or “schnä” Consumers can find current offers from numerous product categories. Voucher codes for a wide variety of providers can also be found there. However, customers should generally be careful online before they press the order button. Delivery costs or minimum order values ​​can quickly drive up the price of an alleged bargain.

Special promotions like Black Friday

Larger dealers in particular always offer special promotions and savings days. And then Black Friday is also coming up this year. In 2021, the day for all savers from the USA will take place on November 26th. And shortly thereafter, Cyber ​​Monday follows. Countless shops and dealers will then lure you back in Germany with thousands of offers. In the meantime, there are often entire savings weeks or even months as part of Black Friday. At MediaMarkt, for example, “Black November” is coming up again, at Zalando and eBay there should be another “Cyber ​​Week” and shipping giant Amazon has certainly planned a “Black Friday week” again.


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