Deals of the day: Half price for a weight blanket to relax in

Bargain hunting can be tiring. Not with us! With our deals of the day we give you a simple and quick overview of which offers really bring a big discount today.

You know it: In stores, in online shops, on Instagram and Co. – brands and companies try to lure you with supposedly great offers everywhere. But which deal is really worth it at the end of the day? We scan the offers of the day for you every day – from Amazon to AboutYou to H&M, we don’t leave anything out – and tell you which deal and which discount is worth a look.

The best offers from October 11th

Heavy blanket

A weighted blanket helps to make it easier to fall asleep. By applying light pressure on your body, you can relax more easily and fall asleep faster. Since the blanket makes up 10% of your own weight, for example, if you weigh 50-60 kilograms, choose a blanket with a maximum weight of 6 kg. Right now you save half the price!Find the deal here.

Hot air fryer

The hot air fryer from Dreamiracle offers ten preset menus and PDF recipes. You can also use it to preheat and keep warm, as well as time and regulate the temperature. The 7.5 liter basket offers space for preparing eight to ten servings. Find the deal here.

Pumpkin fairy lights

The scariest time of the year is in full swing, the only thing missing is the right decoration. With a pumpkin head light chain you can quickly create a gruesome environment with little effort. Save 25% now!Find the deal here.

Timberland Boots

Timberland boots are not only warming with their faux fur, they are also absolute fashion classics. There is currently a 37% discount. Find the deal here.

Neck and back massager

A tense neck and back area can be very uncomfortable. So that you can move freely again, a handy massage device with a heat function is worthwhile. At the moment you save half the price! Find the deal here.

Children’s make-up set

Halloween is just around the corner and your child would like to transform themselves into a creepy skeleton, zombie or monster for the occasion? No problem with this make-up set including a brochure with make-up instructions! Today there is a 23% discount. Find the deal here.

FaceSpa Pro beauty set by Braun

The world’s first and only all-in-one beauty device for facial hair removal, cleaning and skin tightening is this device from Braun. If you strike today, you can be part of it even save 51% – and pamper yourself and your skin quickly and easily at home. Find the deal here.

Incredible offers from beauty and fashion

Beurer FC 45 face brush

Have you been wanting deep cleansing for noticeably softer skin for a long time? With this face brush from Beurer, your wish will be fulfilled, whenever you want. Today there is even 29% discount. Find the deal here.

Wool coat from s.Oliver

Is a wool coat at the top of your shopping list? Perfect, then you should definitely take our offer of the day today, because today you can whole 50% Save on these stylish coats from s.Oliver. Find the deal here.

Ahuhu shampoo and conditioner

You can only get silky, straight and long hair with the right care. Asambeauty’s ahuhu range currently includes a set of shampoo and conditioner for your hair so that it can shine again. Now save 20%.Find the deal here.

Liebeskind Paper Bag Tote

The Liebeskind handbag takes up the simple shape of the paper carrier bag, but is made from 100% cowhide. A great companion for your next shopping trip as well as for more chic occasions. Now all of them exist 20% cheaper. Find the deal here.

Wide trousers by H&M

We love bargains! Especially when our favorite fashion must-haves are discounted. Like the flared pants in beige from H&M with a Discount of 27%. Find the deal here.

Incredible offers from household and kitchen

Vacuum cleaner

Mopping and vacuuming in one step can be effortlessly with the vacuum cleaner from Bissell. Thanks to a rechargeable battery, you can get to every corner of your apartment or house without falling over a cable or the cord is too short. Whether tiles, sealed wooden floors, carpets and more – with the CrossWave you can clean them all at once. Today you get it with a discount of 41%. Find the deal here.

Multifunctional device (sandwich maker, waffle iron, grill)

With the Sandwich Maker from Russell Hobbs you can prepare crispy sandwiches as well as sweet waffles or savory omelets. Simply insert the appropriate plate and off you go. Today the device is included 14% discount. Find the deal here.

Water-saving shower head from Hansgrohe

Would you like to save water and still enjoy the shower experience? This is no problem with this shower head from Hansgrohe. Today you even save 44%. Find the deal here.

Waffle maker

The waffle iron from Cloer enables low-fat baking thanks to the non-stick coating. You can choose the degree of browning to suit your taste using the dial. Bon Appetit! Find the deal here.

WMF saucepan set

The WMF saucepan set is suitable for every common type of stove, can also be put in the dishwasher and oven and is also uncoated and rust-free. At the moment you save 52% on the purchase of the set! Find the deal here.

Incredible leisure and technology offers

Aroma diffuser

The running heaters make our air dry and make us feel like we have to ventilate. A humidifier with relaxing aroma light therapy not only ensures good air, but also a relaxed atmosphere. Right now you save 45%. Find the deal here.

Cozy blanket

Outside it is slowly getting cold and uncomfortable, time to get yourself a comfortable blanket to snuggle up to on the couch. If you hit it today, you can even get this popular classic 38% cheaper receive. Find the deal here.

Massage gun

Would you like to really relax again? With this massage gun we guarantee you exactly that – and the best: You can massage almost all parts of the body with it. Today even 35% cheaper. Find the deal here.

Dumbbell set

Dumbbell training ensures nicely defined arms: With the practical dumbbell set from Songmics you can easily train at home. The set contains dumbbells in three different weights, which are also suitable for beginners. Today there are 11% discount. Find the deal here.

Hula hoop

The hula hoop is still very popular. After all, there is hardly an easier and more fun way to get your own body in shape. Abdominal training has rarely been so much fun. Find the deal here.

AirPods and AirPods Pro

If you are into sonorous listening pleasure and Apple products, you have two direct options today to visibly save money. Both the AirPods and the AirPods Pro come with at least 30 percent discount to obtain. What remains the same, of course, is the quality and intuitive handling of the headphones, which are valued by music lovers as well as podcast and audio book listeners.

While the AirPods come with a wired charging case, the AirPods Pro can be charged using a wireless case. In addition, the AirPods Pro have noise suppression. here go to the AirPods and here to the AirPods Pro.

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