Death of Bob Saget (La Fête à la maison): the magnificent tribute of his wife, Kelly Rizzo, after his funeral

Friday January 14 was held the funeral of Bob Saget in the strictest privacy, in Los Angeles. The following day, the wife of the ex-star of The House Party, Kelly Rizzo, took over his Instagram account to pay him a heartbreaking tribute.

“My sweet husband.” Famous for his role as Danny Tanner in the series The house party, Bob Saget died suddenly on January 9 at the age of 65, in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida. The actor, also known for having lent his voice to Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother, and who was nicknamed “America’s Father”, was then on tour for his new show. At the announcement of his disappearance, the circumstances of which remain unclear, his former co-stars of the sitcom of the years 1980-1990 have multiplied the tributes, but also, the thoughts for his three daughters as well as his wife, Kelly Rizzo.

“The Most Incredible Man on Earth”

Married to Bob Saget since 2018, after having met him in 2015, the journalist attended his funeral on Friday January 14 in Los Angeles, in the presence in particular of the former co-stars of the actor in The house party. Tearful, she appeared with her husband’s wedding ring around her neck, reported People, before paying him a moving tribute on Instagram a few hours later. After careful consideration this week, I’m trying, really, not to think that I’ve been robbed of my time., begins Kelly Rizzo, before admitting his lucky to have been married to the most amazing man on earth. “I’ve been the one who’s been able to go on this wild ride with him and be in his life for the past six years. We had this time to make each other the happiest we’ve ever been and change each other’s lives forever., she confided.

Kelly Rizzo wants to continue Bob Saget’s commitments

not having “no regrets” as for the years spent with Bob Saget, she compares him to “a strength” and calls it“special man”. “We loved each other so much and we said it five hundred times a day. Constantly. I know how much he loved me until the very last moment and he knew it too. I’m so grateful for that”, she said, before thanking all those who have supported him since the death of the actor, but also, the tributes that have multiplied in recent days. The journalist also said that she is now on a mission “to share how amazing he was with the world and to try, in a modest way, to continue spreading his message of love and laughter”. She wanted to recall Bob Saget’s support for the Scleroderma Research Foundation, a disease from which his sister died in 1994, as he confided in his last interview, a month before his disappearance.

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