Death of Elizabeth II: in Balmoral, the moved inhabitants pay homage to him in front of the castle

Caroline Baudry
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09:29, September 10, 2022

The body of Queen Elizabeth II should be transported to London within a few days, via Edinburgh. It was Operation “Unicorn” which was launched on Friday, since the Queen died in her isolated Balmoral castle in the North of Scotland, in front of which a few hundred people came to pay homage to her.

Two days after the death of Elizabeth II, the British come to pay homage to her in front of her castle of Balmoral, where she died peacefully. The bed of bouquets that runs along the gate of the royal estate thickens as the afternoon progresses. Fiona is Scottish. Very moved, she leaves a few flowers picked in her garden 15 kilometers away.

“We reflect on what it meant to us”

“We understand that she comes here, to escape from her exhausting life”, she confides at the microphone of Europe 1. “Many people I have met have already seen the queen and the members of the royal family, when they were walking, picnicking, or driving here in the mountains. They are more like neighbors than royalty.”

In the middle of the petals we can read, under a laminated sheet, the poem “My heart is in the Highlands”, this region in the North of Scotland, adored by the Queen. Alison and her husband live in Northern Ireland. They collect themselves standing, in silence. “We think about what she meant to us. Everything she gave us, her sacrifices for our country,” says Alison on Europe 1. “She was like a solid foundation for so many things: integrity, care, love, altruism…”, continues her husband.

“Queen, rest in peace” reads the Paddington soft toy left by 10-year-old Madison. The famous teddy bear in the red hat is adored by British children. He appeared with Elizabeth II in a surprise video she revealed during her jubilee.

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