Death of Gaspard Ulliel: the first results of the investigation revealed, no autopsy planned

This accident will forever remain a kind of mystery. And this despite the opening of a thorough investigation. On January 18, 2022, Gaspard ulliel was involved in a collision, on the Rosière ski area in Savoie. When rescuers arrived, the actor was unconscious. He died the next day at the Grenoble University Hospital, where he had been treated, following an operation trying to save him from a major concussion. And if the circumstances of this accident, which occurred at the crossroads of two blue slopes, are a little clearer, it is always difficult to know what caused the death of the actor.

It is difficult to say whether it was the impact or the fall that led to Mr Ulliel’s death

As reported by Dauphine Libere, the public prosecutor of Albertville explained that “the two skiers were riding side by side and ran into each other.” “For the moment, it is difficult to say whether it was the shock or the fall that led to the death of Mr. Ulliel, she says. This accident is very sad but the circumstances are quite simple, there is no particular complexity.” We also learn, in the columns of the daily newspaper, that no responsibility would be engaged, whether on the side of the victim or that of the skier involved. No autopsy will be performed on the body of Gaspard Ulliel to find out more.

If Mr. Ulliel had worn a helmet, would it have saved his life?

By taking his last breath, Gaspard Ulliel left behind him Orso, his 5-year-old son, and his partner Gaëlle Pietri. His death brought an outpouring of tributes and support, especially in the world of the seventh art, in which he had many colleagues and friends. At the time of his altercation, the 37-year-old actor was not wearing specific protection, unlike the other person involved in the accident, a Lithuanian skier who was taken care of psychologically. “If Mr. Ulliel had worn a helmet, would it have saved his life? I can’t say for sure“, simply concludes Anne Gaches, the public prosecutor …

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