Death of Guy Bedos: the cause of his death revealed: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Comedian, actor and screenwriter Guy Bedos was 85 years old. He is gone, as two of his children revealed on Thursday May 28, 2020. It was through a tender message published on the social network Instagram that actor and director Nicolas Bedos announced the death from his father, Guy Bedos, in the late afternoon. “He was handsome, he was funny, he was free and courageous. How proud I am to have had you as a father. Embrace Desproges and Dabadie, since you are all in Paradise ”, he soberly wrote. For her part, the writer, screenwriter, singer and actress Victoria Bedos also shared a tender message for her father, also via her Instagram account. “Goodbye my adored father”, she simply published. Comedian, actor and screenwriter Guy Bedos was 85 years old. According to information from Europe 1 released the same day, the star would have left "After a long illness."

"I hope that a friendly doctor will prescribe a dose of cyanide if I ask him so kindly!"

Guy Bedos used to bring up the subject of death without taboos. “I am magnetized by daily tragedies… and then also by death, for example. There is a kind of revolt, and then of anguish. Not afraid to die, but afraid that it will continue ”, the artist said of the death on a television set. In 1995, he explained to Telerama : “To be honest, I am a little afraid of the last part of the story. I hope that a friend doctor will prescribe me, if I kindly ask him, a dose of cyanide! To choose my outing, to avoid lengths, do not play the sketch too much, do not call up too much. ” In 2008, in his book The day and the hour, he confessed: "I want to die for love of life. Standing." Finally, in 2014, he slipped to Alessandra Sublet, on France 5: "Death does not scare me if it is administered by someone. I have already chosen my doctor-assassin who will normally give me an injection. I don't want to be old very old. ” Since the announcements of Nicolas and Victoria Bedos, many tributes have flourished on social networks.


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