Death of Guy Bedos: the last heartbreaking letter from Nicolas Bedos for his father: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Guy Bedos died on May 28. The comedian died at the age of 85. In a message posted on social networks, Nicolas Bedos announced the terrible news. Since then, he has been inconsolable. A few days before his father's funeral, he wrote him a heartbreaking farewell letter. A last goodbye to the one who was his model and who accompanied him on the path to success. It was Augustin Trapenard, who had the heavy task of reading this word on France Inter. "Paris, May 31, 2020. Dad, one last night near you. Candles, a little whiskey, your fine and feminine hand which serves mine until the small day, the last day, your childish look which disarms the kid a little more than I become again. Above your bed, a mess of photos from Jean-Loup Dabadie to Gisèle Halimi, from Desproges to Camus via Guitry. It didn't vote the same, it didn't pray the same ghosts but you walked together in a sense of humor and love ", did he declare.

Nicolas Bedos also made some revelations about his father's state of health at the end of his life. "Angry at not being able to speak, you send silent kisses to your adored wife, to your beloved daughter, to your window on Saint-Louis Island", he explained before continuing: "At the end of your legs which no longer walk, your cats serene as guardians. On the nightstand, a background of coca glass, the last link between this world and you. A few sips of force which allow you from the depths of your weakness to launch gestures of elegance and insolent tenderness ", he wrote.

Guy Bedos' funeral in Corsica

The 41-year-old director then returned to his father's funeral which will take place in Lumio in Corsica according to the last wishes of the artist. "We're going to take you now in your stage costume, that of sketches and press reviews, TV and radio. The one who surveyed France back and forth and across the throat of some mayors. I tied your black tie to you. We'll take you where you want. You dictate the program, you drive without a license. First at Saint-Germain church. You weren't very good friends with religions but the churches got you excited. (…) Then we're going to fly to Corsica in this village that gave you back your Mediterranean of Algiers."

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