Death of Guy Bedos: the poignant tribute of Muriel Robin to his “big brother”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Comedian, actor and screenwriter Guy Bedos was 85 years old. He left, as revealed by two of his children Thursday, May 28, 2020. It was through a tender message published on the social network Instagram that the actor and director Nicolas Bedos announced the death from his father, Guy Bedos, in the late afternoon. “He was handsome, he was funny, he was free and courageous. How proud I am to have had you as a father. Embrace Desproges and Dabadie, since you are all in Paradise ”, he soberly wrote. For her part, the writer, screenwriter, singer and actress Victoria Bedos also shared a tender message for her dad, also via her Instagram account. “Goodbye my adored father”, she simply published. According to information from Europe 1 released the same day, the star would have left "After a long illness." During a telephone interview granted to Yann Barthès for Daily, on TMC, his great friend Muriel Robin wanted to pay tribute to him.

"I saw him on Tuesday. I was able to kiss him"

"If there were a little less deaths of rare people and a little irreplaceable, it would be a little better, but otherwise it's fine. I'm at Guy Bedos, begins the actress. His last reunion with the artist? Only a few days ago.I saw him on Tuesday. I was able to kiss her, we talked. We will stop there for this question ”, she slides in a soft, calm voice. What image will she keep of him for life? That of a "big brother." She continues:I will miss him, I will think about it every day.Before adding, on Guy Bedos' career: “He invented something. He was the first to make a Zenith. Power, intelligence, elegance … a great artist. A great guy. ”


"The most tender person I have met in my life"

Muriel Robin also fondly remembers the first time she crossed paths with Guy Bedos.We met on a TV show, I think he was [Michel] Drucker's main guest, and I was invited with three other funny people. Some time later, he called me saying he wanted us to do a sketch together for the Molières. Then he offered to do a show with him. We enjoyed ourselves, we enjoyed ourselves well. I’m the most tender man or person I’ve ever met in my life. The look he had on me is one I will never see again in anyone. It’s not possible, a look like that. It was as if he was happy that I was alive […] And then I must have had something that he liked because he dubbed me. I started, I made my first Olympia, it was already Guy Bedos oh how … And to conclude, very moved: If Guy Bedos was interested in me, it was that maybe I was not completely uninteresting and in a life, it matters a lot. It’s something we don’t forget. ”

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