Death of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff: their relatives denounce celebrities who “try to be lathered” since their death

On January 10, the family and loved ones of Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff gathered in the Madeleine church to pay their last respects to the twin brothers who died of the consequences of Covid-19. Among the friends, celebrities, some of whom were not really welcome.

He was the first to reach the stars. On December 28, Grichka Bogdanoff dies aged 72 in a Parisian hospital. About ten days before his disappearance, he was admitted to the intensive care unit after being affected by the Covid-19 virus. Also positive, Igor was him plunged into a coma when his twin brother had just breathed his last. ” I told them fifty times to get vaccinated against Covid-19. We talked about it again on the phone less than three weeks ago when everything was going well for them “, had confided Luc Ferry, close to the animators of Time X, before specifying: Being very athletic, without a gram of fat, they thought the vaccine was more dangerous than the virus. They never got sick. » The disappearance of Grichka has left many personalities speechless. Well not really.

As soon as he learned of his friend’s death, Pierre-Jean Chalençon spoke out on social media – making a statement that shocked some internet users. It’s crazy for 24 months, all the people who disappear. Young people, less young people, old people, older people… Of course, they all died of things other than the Covid, but it’s still crazy this bad luck that we have around us. Me, I have almost 30% of my address book that has disappeared », he said. His subscribers then rebelled against the ex-buyer ofDeal done who seemed to discover the health problems of the Bogdanoff brothers. A few days later, when Igor had just joined his brother, Napoleon’s specialist spoke again on the set of Do not touch My TV, but also that of BFMTV, to tell the last weeks of the twins.

The entourage of the Bogdanoff brothers irritated by the “opportunists”

Initiatives that would annoy those around the Bogdanoffs to the highest degree. On January 10, duringa last tribute paid to the Madeleine church in Paris, a family member was saddened that few celebrities made the trip. Who was there besides them? Hardly anyone from show biz », he launched, evoking Pierre-Jean Chalençon, Raphaël Enthoven, Jean-Claude Darmon, Massimo Gargia, Cyril Hanouna or even Julien Lepers. According to information from Public, another would rather have regretted the presence of some who would pour out a little too much in the media. “Anyway, since the death of the twins, many try to lather », he dropped before concluding: There are many opportunists. » Friends who don’t necessarily mean well.

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