Death of Jean-Jacques Beineix: Béatrice Dalle, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Dominique Besnehard… pay tribute to the director

It’s not just Friday the 13th that’s bad luck. Last Thursday, January 13, Jean-Jacques Beineix passed away following a leukemia he had been fighting for several years. The famous director of 37°2 in the morning was only 75 years old. His sudden disappearance aroused the emotional testimonies of his closest collaborators, upset by the news.

In almost twenty years of career, Jean-Jacques Beineix will have been able to build a rare and could not be more precious cinematographic career marked in particular by the successes of Diva, in 1980 then the famous and sulphurous 37°2 in the morning which will reveal to the world the young Béatrice Dalle once the Oscar for best foreign film won in 1987. He is also the author of several documentaries, the latest of which, The Gauls beyond the myth, was at the origin of the audience record for the Arte channel in 2013. It is therefore one of the greatest directors in France who died of leukemia on Thursday January 13, 2022.


His disappearance obviously provoked the upset testimonies of his closest collaborators, starting with Béatrice Dalle, who split a post on Instagram full of emotion: “ Zorg and Betty are orphans… One of the most beautiful pages of my life has just turned… I love you “, she wrote in the caption of a photograph of the filmmaker. On Twitter, it was Marc-Olivier Fogiel who wanted to pay tribute to the memory of the one he considered to be one of the greatest analysts of new television formats : “ So many memories with Jean-Jacques Beineix His analysis of the arrival of the LOFT on the set of ONPP! His story of the shooting of 37.2 with my Beatrice. Farewell Jean-Jacques “.

Gilles Jacob, for his part, greeted a man at the ” strong character, [au] certain talent » whose career has been punctuated by cult films and a few failures, “ always a notch, a style, a method, the grandiose assurance of the stubborn, in short someone. Jean-Jacques Beineix was 75 years old writes the former president of the Cannes festival. In the columns of Figaro, it’s Dominique Besnehard who spoke in spite of the shock : “ I owe him everything […] He was a being both tortured and luminous […] He was someone who valued his freedom “. A freedom that has certainly inspired a whole generation of filmmakers.

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