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The world of cinema is in mourning. Thursday January 21, 2021, Anthony Delon announced the death of her mother, Nathalie Delon, carried away by a devastating cancer, at the age of 79 years. Two other big names of the seventh art are also deceased: the actor Jean-Pierre Bacri, Monday January 18, 2021, and the stuntman Rémy Julienne, the same day as the ex-wife of Alain Delon. A week full of emotions. And for Brigitte Bardot, who spoke through a message shared on Twitter Friday 22 January 2021, the actress revealed in the Samurai deserved greater tribute in the media.

The big screen icon posted these few words: "In this sinister slaughter which is plaguing theater and cinema at the start of 2021, I regret that among the deserved tributes paid on TV for Jean-Pierre Bacri and Rémy Julienne, there is not a small place for Nathalie Delon whose beauty and personality splashed through the 1960s. " And to evoke his marriage to the hero of Cheetah, whom she divorced in 1969, as well as their son: "Alain gave her the best by sharing his name with her forever. She gave it back to him by offering him a beautiful son, Anthony." To conclude this regretful text, BB wrote: "His death swept away the generation of the sixties and grazes the hearts of those like me who survive him. " A rant hailed by several Internet users, who did not fail to react, on the social network.

The poignant tribute of Alain Delon

After the announcement of the disappearance of Nathalie Delon, her ex-husband expressed his sorrow to AFP. "Nathalie was my first wife, and the only Madame Delon. We kept in constant contact, we saw each other often. I was part of her life, she was part of mine ", he confided, with a heavy heart, before revealing that his ex-wife had a "pancreatic cancer". And to conclude: "It always hurts me a lot when my loved ones leave." Heartbreaking confidences, from the iconic actor, who shared his life for five years.

Alain Delon and his ex-wife Nathalie Delon, during the 22nd nights of cinema, at the Marigny theater, in Paris, on November 23, 1967. AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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