Death of Pierre Bénichou: why he did not want to join the Big Heads: Current Woman Le MAG


Since the announcement of his death Tuesday March 31, 2020 in the morning, the tributes continue to multiply. Pierre Bénichou, emblematic chronicler of the broadcast of Big heads sure RTL and seasoned journalist died in his sleep, on the night of March 30 to 31, 2020. Laurent Ruquier, very moved, testified to him a message filled with admiration on the radio microphone where they officiated together for years. "He is perhaps one of the men who made me laugh the most in the world by his talent for improvisation, and his comic genius", said the host. Later in the day, it was Patrick Bruel's turn to show his boundless affection for this "culture well, humor" that Pierre Bénichou was. "Thank you for these evenings of song sharing and these 2/3 tips that have been good. I think of you Antoine, Vincent and Sylvain. Hi President #pierrebenichou " did he write on Instagram.

He discovered a second personality in Big heads

Tuesday March 31, 2020, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received one of the closest friends of the famous columnist, the journalist and writer Philippe Labro, in duplex. The two men met at the age of 20, in Paris. One was rewriter at France Evening, the other, Pierre Bénichou, was rewriter three floors higher, at France Sunday. On the set of C à Vous, the host retraced Pierre Bénichou's journey. It's with The Big Heads, the flagship comedy showRTL, that its popularity with the public suddenly exploded. "You know he struggled at first to go to the Big Heads. Can you imagine that I asked him to do it, reveals Philippe Labro. I was the boss of RTL, I told him Pierre you're so funny, you know how to tell, such a fabulous storyteller and entertainer, why don't you come to Les Grosses Têtes? " he adds. Pierre Bénichou was afraid of losing his credit and respect for the profession by joining the team of columnists led by Philippe Bouvard at the time (then replaced by Laurent Ruquier). Because in 1977, the year the show was created, Pierre Bénichou was especially famous for his political articles and his formidable obituaries published in theObs. "He ended up accepting, tells Philippe Labro. And so he discovered a second career, a second personality, (…) making him a little legend in Paris. And not only in Paris. " Admired from all sides, Pierre Bénichou will forever leave a great void behind him.


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