Death of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters): The drug in question? A slew of substances questions…

After the amazement and amazement, comes the time for questions: how did Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the Foo Fighters suddenly die? At 50, the musician was indeed found lifeless in his hotel room in Bogota, where the group was about to give a concert. If the causes of his death were not initially specified, the drug could actually be the reason.

Indeed, if we await the results of the first analyzes, many substances would have been found in the room of the former musician of Alanis Morissette. According to the boss of a local radio station, the police would have found “white powder“which would look a lot like”to cocaine“, as well as “hallucinogens“. On entering the room, the police also allegedly came across a bottle of vodka, and it seems that the musician called the reception in the evening to complain about “chest pain“, again according to the same man. Hotel officials would then have called the police but when they arrived in the room, the drummer was already dead.

Colombian authorities found marijuana, antidepressants, opioids, heroin. At least 10 different substances have been found“, writes journalist Luis Carlos Velez on Twitter. But the investigation continues and the track of the overdose has not yet been officially recorded.

You should know that Taylor Hawkins had already had a history with drugs: in 2001, when he had already been part of the Foo Fighters for a few years, he was hospitalized for an overdose and remained in a coma for several days. At the time, he admitted “to have gone too far“and hadn’t been talked about on that side anymore.

Married and father of two teenage children, the musician has in any case been mourned by the whole world. His band, formed by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, said they were “devastated by the tragic loss of our beloved Taylor Hawkins. His musical spirit and contagious laughter will forever be etched in our memory.“.

The legendary Ozzy Osbourne had meanwhile regretted “a great person and an amazing musician“. The rock group Nickelback had said to themselves “totally in disbelief” and the group Rage Against the Machine had expressed their sadness. Julian Lennon, the eldest son of the Beatles singer and musician himself posted a very beautiful tribute on Instagram.

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