Death Stranding 2: Norman Reedus confirms that a sequel is in the works – Death Stranding

Since the release of death stranding, in November 2019, many debates mentioned a potential sequel, the latter being, of course, fueled by various photos or speeches by Hideo Kojima, who does not hesitate to confuse those who follow him . However, based on the more or less official information we have, there is little doubt that Kojima Productions is working on Death Stranding 2, or another game in this universe. It’s now official, according to actor Norman Reedus.

During an interview with the media Leo Edit, he returned to his acting career, but also his presence in the video game world, through his interpretation of Sam Porter Bridges, in Death Stranding. When discussing this point, the native of Hollywood, Florida, explains, without saying anything else, that ” we just started the second “.

Afterwards, Norman Reedus explains how he came to work on this projectand that it comes from his friend Guillermo Del Toro, who called him explaining that a ” guy named Hideo Kojima will contact you, you just say yes “. A few days later, the Japanese developer comes to San Diego and exposes a project to the actor (Silent Hill), leading to the collaboration of these two people. The entirety of this interview, where a large part concerns The Walking Dead, can be found, in English, on the Leo Edit site.

Unfortunately, there are no more clues about the second episode of Death Stranding, but with these words, no doubt that we will know more very soon (and that the players will be delighted with this news). Besides, Kojima Productions recruits new talentfor an unannounced game, while the studio is currently working on projects.

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