Death Stranding 2: Sony shows new gameplay trailer for Hideo Kojima’s game at the State of Play event


Just in time for the State of Play event, Hideo Kojima is back with a new trailer for Death Stranding 2. The video shows more gameplay from Kojima’s game.

There was a new trailer for Death Stranding 2 at State of Play. (Source: Youtube / PlayStation)

  • Death Stranding 2: On The Beach is announced for 2025.
  • In addition to well-known characters, there are also new characters in the trailer.
  • The developers continue the story in the new title.

After there were already rumors about Death Stranding 2 that Kojima’s personal assistant published the name of the trailer for the State of Play, the actual trailer has now been presented at the State of Play event.

In the trailer, the development studio not only confirmed the name of the game, but also the release year. Death Stranding 2: On The Beach is scheduled to appear in 2025. According to the video, the successor to the game released in 2019 could continue the characteristic game mechanics and narrative depth.

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The short video also features new characters and environments that expand the already established Death Stranding universe. But also well-known characters, such as Norman Reedus in his role as Sam Bridges.

Death Stranding 2 will be released for the PS5 in 2025. If you are interested in similar games, you can find them in our gaming release list.

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