Deathloop: a Photo mode, lots of accessibility options and free PS5 avatars for Update 3

Arkane has already improved death loop through 2 patches since its launch. He continues to do so with Update 3 rolling out today on PS5 and PC, which adds an expected fashion Photo which will fascinate the faithful of this game with its marked artistic direction, as well as accessibility options and improvements for menus and gameplay.

The team summarizes these innovations in the post reproduced below, but you can also have a complete overview of the changelog of the new version of the software on the official website.


Unleash your creativity with an array of filters, stickers, poses, and other customization options in DEATHLOOP’s all-new Photo Mode. Only available in single-player, you can access Photo Mode from the pause menu on any map or by activating the Photo Mode hotkey (set to the “P” key on the default keyboard on PC). To activate the shortcut on PlayStation 5:

  • Options > Controls > “Controller” tab > Quick access to Photo Mode > Yes
  • Once in game, double-press the “Create” button (to the right of the touchpad) on your DualSense to open Photo Mode

“This Photo Mode is a great way for our players to express their creativity using DEATHLOOP’s unique levels and design,” says Producer Jérémy Leuliet. “The only limits to creativity are those imposed by our players’ imaginations. At Arkane, we can’t wait to see just how far players can go with the various options available to them for their creations.”

In Photo Mode, you can not only select your filters and different angles like a real professional photographer, but you can also choose between making Colt or Julianna appear, modify your outfits and weapons (including specific weapon appearances and variations) and select the perfect pose from all the available choices.

“Among the challenges we had to overcome, one of the most difficult was to adapt the Photo Mode to a first-person shooter, where the character is not displayed on the screen apart from his hands. and its weapons”, explains Jérémy Leuliet. “We wanted to provide the best possible experience for this mode, and we took the time to do extensive testing. We even asked past gamers for advice on how to use different photo modes in games. We’ve had so much fun testing Photo Mode that we’ve added many great player options to make it fun to use.”

“In every game we released, Photo Mode was one of the most requested features by gamers,” adds Studio Director Dinga Bakaba. “Having discovered the incredible images that digital photographers were able to create in our worlds without Photo Mode, we look forward to making these tools available to the entire community.”


“We are very grateful to the players and the community who provided us with so much feedback after the release of DEATHLOOP”, shares Yoann Bazoge, Lead UI/UX Designer. “We took the time to read all the accessibility reviews and watched videos from players explaining why they couldn’t play DEATHLOOP. We then worked on a document listing all the feedback and we put together a roadmap of the additions to be made with Update 3”.

Update 3 brings over 30 improvements as well as accessibility options: menu navigation improvements, new interface options, and a whole host of new gameplay options. The update also adds a dedicated accessibility category to be found in the options menu. This new menu brings together the already existing options with many new options available with the update, including:

  • New gameplay settings that allow the player to further customize fights in Single Player Mode (most of these settings are not available in Online or Friends Modes). You will be able to increase or decrease the difficulty of the fights, adjust the number of Replays and reduce the speed of the game.
  • New HUD and subtitle options, like customizing the size, opacity and color of different text and graphic elements
  • Easier menu navigation, allowing the use of the directional buttons on the controller to scroll through menu lists. Cursor speed can also be adjusted in the settings to help you navigate settings with a controller.

“As we started working on accessibility features, we discovered that some of these options could be useful and fun for everyone,” says Dinga Bakaba. “My favorite features are the slow-motion, which allows you to perform several actions in a row that are almost impossible to chain without this option, and the number of Repeats, which allows you to test different approaches without suffering any consequences with the infinite parameter. Conversely, you can use the number of Replays to make the game more difficult by disabling Replays altogether”.

“Accessibility in games is a complex subject,” adds Yoann Bazoge. “We estimate that over 400 million gamers need additional support to play. That’s a huge number of players who can feel left out if those options aren’t there. When we started discussing this with our teams, everyone was very motivated to develop all these features”.

Deathloop PS5 AvatarPromo Sony 16x9 03 ENUS

As a bonus, Arkane also just made free available a set of 9 PS5 avatarsin the colors of the heroes and Visionaries. The code to retrieve them in Europe is as follows: 3XF7-QANX-CJ6A. Those of other regions and the procedure for using it are also available on the official site. If you don’t have your copy yet death loopyou can get it from €43.00 on

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