Debra Messing: "Will & Grace" star shoots for a new comedy series

Debra Messing (51, "Wedding Date") has landed a new series project. The "Will & Grace" star will be in front of the camera for the planned comedy series "East Wing". This is reported, among other things, by the US industry website "The Hollywood Reporter".

The series takes place in the White House during the time of US President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) in the 80s and is a production of the Lionsgate Television Group. The plot was written by producers Ali Wentworth (55) and Liz Tuccillo (56) and is based on the experience of Wentworth's mother, who worked in the White House during Reagan's tenure.

"Debra is a unique talent we have worked with in the past, and we couldn't be more excited to reunite with Ali to share the incredible story of her mother with viewers," said Kevin Beggs, Lionsgate chairman Television Group, by Messing and Wentworth.

It's all about this

Hollis Carlisle (Debra Messing) works for First Lady Nancy Reagan (1921-2016) in the White House. In addition to her professional activities, Hollis has to deal with private problems with her husband and rebellious children. Their socially disturbed nature also complicates their dealings with other people.