December 6 is approaching – eight days to go: Important tips for Saint Nicholas

The sixth of December is coming, but we are short of gifts? This can definitely happen to a beginner Nikolo. Here are some ideas on how to make the long-awaited day even more beautiful.

Important for Nikolo: stay interactive! He should involve the children and create a relaxed atmosphere – for example by inviting the children to hold the baton. Don’t forget the obligatory “Ho-ho-ho”! In addition, it is pointless to use the moment to criticize the children. Instead, one should emphasize the positive characteristics and abilities of the children. You can also give the adults a bit of praise. A little clumsiness doesn’t hurt, it makes Saint Nicholas come across as more human. If you make a mistake, don’t despair, the children will probably not notice anything, they are too fascinated by Saint Nicholas’ visit. At least those who still believe in it. Here are some tips if you are not ready for the big day:EMAGEREN 6 Pcs Santa Beard White Plastic Santa Beard Santa Beard Art Santa Beards Funny Mustache Fake Santa Beard Costume for Teens Adults Christmas Party$7.96 Click here for the beard.BESTOYARD Christmas sack Santa Claus gift sack Christmas gift bags Christmas gift bags (Santa Claus13.10€Click here for the Santa Claus sack.Widmann 1840R – glasses Santa Claus, with round glasses, Santa Claus, Christmas, carnival, theme party5.48€Click here for the glasses.AIMTOP Christmas socks, Christmas socks, including with St. Nicholas16.13€Click here for the Christmas socks.Carnival devil set Knecht Ruprecht, 4-piece coat with hood & cord, wig and beard, rod and jute sack, Krampus, Beelzebub, helper from St. Nicholas, Christmas80, 66€Click here for Knecht Ruprecht’s clothes.Ahititi Santa Claus costume deluxe, Santa Claus costume Santa Claus-E 10-piece adult costume€94.27Click here for Nikolo clothing.Widmann 8543G – Inflatable belly or hump, witch, hunchback, Santa Claus, beer belly, pregnant woman, carnival, theme party, Christmas, Halloween€5.77Click here for inflatable belly.Widmann 66832 – Shepherd’s crook, bishop’s crook, approx. 147 cm, Santa Claus, accessory, accessories, disguise, costume, carnival, Halloween, theme party-14%16.40€Click here for the shepherd’s crook. 10€Click here for the book.Christmas coloring book: Coloring book from 4 years of Christmas with ideas for winter and Advent activities as a Christmas present and Santa Claus gift for childrenPaperback – October 13, 20217.18€Click here for the Christmas coloring book.More product recommendations can be found in our comparison portal, current You can find offers and discounts in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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