Deconfinement on May 3, 2021: Gabriel Attal says more about the “first step” of reopening: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

A fateful date. Three weeks after the third confinement promulgated by Emmanuel Macron on April 3, 2021, the French are waiting for only one thing: to be able to find their “life before” as quickly as possible. If the vaccination campaign was able to accelerate this return to normal, however, it is not sufficient. Despite the two and a half million people receiving the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine each week in France, this would not allow the common places to be reopened like bars, concert halls, theaters or even museums. However, as confirmed by Gabriel Attal, government spokesman, on LCI on April 26, 2021, certain places closed to date may reopen as of May 3, 2021.

A “first stage” on May 3, then gradual reopening in mid-May …

Asked by Elizabeth Martichoux about the end of the 10 kilometer rule, Gabriel Attal confirmed that it would end next week: “Emmanuel Macron had announced these measures for four weeks, the four weeks end on May 3, so indeed, it is on May 3 that these measures must be lifted”, did he declare. What about the reopening of terraces, restaurants and other closed places? The spokesperson preferred to remain evasive: “I have no information to that effect. There will be an additional stage in mid-May with the reopening of certain places that have been closed, that the French are waiting to be able to find “, announced Gabriel Attal, calling this date “first stage”. What will be the next steps? Here again, the right arm of Emmanuel Macron plays the precaution.

“This will be done very gradually by summer, we are not going to reopen everything at once, that would not be responsible, he said on the set of LCI. According to the spokesperson, the too rapid reopening of commonplaces could have a harmful effect on the health of the French, as has been observed in neighboring countries. “We saw certain countries around us, in Germany, in Italy where they reopened a lot of places at once and where they had, unfortunately for them, to close them again a few days or weeks later”, he added. Could the reopening of common places in mid-May take place by region? Gabriel Attal does not decide: “The option is on the table, it is a possibility but no decision has been taken. (…) The French have shown that they are responsible, that they are patient. ”

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