Deebot T9 AIVI: a 360 ° HD camera and artificial intelligence for the new robot vacuum cleaner from Ecovacs

Ecovacs releases the Deebot T9 AIVI, its latest robot vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence and an HD camera. Thanks to these technologies, it would be able to detect silhouettes and up to 15 different objects.

As the robot vacuum cleaner market continues to grow, Ecovacs is expanding its catalog with the Deebot T9 AIVI. Its strength: artificial intelligence, AIVI 2.0, reproducing a precise image of your interior. For even more efficiency, the manufacturer has added a 360 ° HD camera to the robot. Using these two technologies, the device would detect up to 15 different objects. He would also be able to spot human figures and would then prioritize the cleaning of unoccupied rooms.

If the integrated camera improves the robot’s navigation and obstacle management, it would also be used to monitor the home. Indeed, thanks to the Ecovacs Home application, the user can follow the actions of his pet or detect potential intrusions into his home. This smart feature is spreading more and more on robot vacuums equipped with a camera.

The robot delivers a suction power of 3000 Pa (pascals), double that of the previous model, the Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI. Four suction levels are available depending on the surfaces to be cleaned. Its rubber brushes each rotate in one direction to avoid the entanglement of cables, hairs and other hair. Like the Deebot T9 and T9 +, this T9 AIVI has a vibrating mop to remove stains. In the lab, this washing system has proven its effectiveness.

All these characteristics strengthen Ecovacs’ position in an already busy market. Delivered with its charging station, the Deebot T9 AIVI is marketed as of today at a price of € 799. The automatic emptying station is optional and costs € 299.

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