Deer crossed the lane – telephone poles were mowed with a tractor

On Sunday an Austrian drove his tractor team coming from Thomatal towards Madling. Suddenly a deer crossed the lane immediately in front of the vehicle. The driver was shocked and crashed into a telephone pole.

The driver tore his vehicle to the right around 5.40 p.m., and came to the shoulder of the street. That gave way under the heavy load and the 47-year-old Tamsweger knocked over a telephone pole. The mast broke in the middle, the cables hung about one meter above the road surface. Since neither the post office nor the telegraph administration could be reached, the Thomatal volunteer fire brigade set up a replacement mast. Neither the man nor the stag were harmed. An alcohol test with the tractor driver was negative. At 7:20 p.m., about one and a half hours later, the main road could be opened again.
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