Defibrillator at the Milan star: Eriksen is no longer allowed to play in Italy

Defibrillator at the Milan star
Eriksen is no longer allowed to play in Italy

If Christian Eriksen wants to continue playing professional football after his cardiac arrest drama at the European Football Championship, then he can no longer do that in Italy. He is not allowed to play because of his implanted defibrillator. His problem: he is under contract with Inter Milan.

It is completely unclear whether Christian Eriksen will play football again as a professional in his life. First of all, the 29-year-old is about to make a full recovery. The playmaker of the Danish national team suddenly collapsed on the field at the European Football Championship this summer without any interference from the opponent. He suffered cardiac arrest in his team’s first group game against Finland. He still had to be resuscitated in the field.

The pictures were shocking. The footballer who is fighting for his life, the silent stadium and teammates who did not know how to deal with their emotions. Eriksen won the fight for his life. After resuscitation, he was taken straight to the hospital and operated on there just a few days after his collapse. He was implanted with a so-called subcutaneous defibrillator, which recognizes cardiac arrhythmias and counter-shocked in an emergency.

A continuation of the career would be possible from a medical point of view. This is shown, among other things, by the case of the Dutch national player Daley Blind, who plays for Ajax Amsterdam. Professor Ingo Froböse from the Sports University in Cologne told “He will not suffer any damage – at least no physical damage. He was approachable again relatively quickly after the incident. So he could continue as a professional footballer. Whether he wants to, there.” I’m not so sure, because such a life-threatening event leaves its mark on the psyche. “

However, Eriksen would have to look for a new club to continue his career. Because in Italy, where he is still under contract with champions Inter Milan until 2024, the 29-year-old will no longer get a game permit. Fabrizio Braconaro, member of the scientific commission at the Italian association, explained this. Granting a permit for a professional with an inserted defibrillator is not possible.

Inter’s coach is hoping for Eriksen’s return

“Only if his defibrillator is removed and a specialist can show that he is physically well can he play for Inter again,” said Braconaro. The new coach of the Milanese, Simone Inzaghi, is hoping for a return of his Danish top star. “He needs time to recover. But of course we will welcome him back with open arms.”

In the case of cardiac abnormalities, there has been a sports ban in Italy for over 20 years. According to the regulations of the health system, it is forbidden to engage in contact sports with a defibrillator – the risk of breaking the defibrillator in the event of a blow to the chest is too great. The “Gazetta dello Sport” reported this just a few days after the EM drama. The chairman of the Italian Sports Cardiologist Association also confirmed the report at the time. “The protocols are very strict. So it seems impossible to me that we will see Eriksen again in the Italian competition,” said Lucio Mos to Radio Punto Nuovo.

The life-saving measures were coordinated by a German doctor: Jens Kleinefeld from Cologne took on responsibility for the rescue. The doctors “shocked” the footballer only two to three minutes after the collapse with the defibrillator, the 57-year-old explained to the “Bild”. After two minutes he saw on the ECG monitor: The shock was successful. “But then it took another 20 or 30 seconds for Eriksen to regain consciousness. He opened his eyes and spoke to me.” Eriksen immediately said: “Yes, I’m here. And then he said: Oh sh …, I’m just 29 years old. I told him that everything is fine now and that there is no longer any danger.”