Deficit in long-term care insurance: health insurances warn of premium increases

Long-term care insurance deficit
Health insurance companies warn against an increase in premiums

The contributions for long-term care insurance could rise, warns the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds. The reason is a billion deficit from last year. GKV Deputy Head Kiefer sees “an urgent need for political action”.

In view of a deficit of billions in the past year, the statutory health insurance companies fear an increase in premiums for long-term care insurance as early as the first half of 2022. “If nothing happens, a premium increase of 0.3 percentage points will be necessary in the first half of the year to secure funding,” said the deputy chairman of the board of directors of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, Gernot Kiefer, of the “Rheinische Post”. The total expenditure for 2021 was about two billion euros higher than the income – a deficit of two billion euros.

“This means that the long-term care insurance starts the new year on edge, because the deficit could only just barely be offset by the reserves,” said Kiefer. The long-term care insurance has now reached its statutory minimum reserve and there is an urgent need for political action to stabilize the financial situation. This must definitely be decided in the first half of 2022, said Kiefer. The traffic light coalition must take action in the short term.

Kiefer also pointed out that there were plans at the same time that would result in significant additional costs, such as better pay for nurses. “That is well founded in the matter, but there are up to around five billion euros in additional expenditure a year – depending on the speed at which you do it. According to the current construction, this increases the personal contribution of those in need of care.” According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, these are already an average of 2125 euros per month. With a monthly income of 3,000 euros, the contribution increase of 0.3 percent amounts to around 108 euros per year, which is shared by the employer and the insured.

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