Deinove: judicial liquidation, cancellation in sight – 01/25/2023 at 12:25

( – Deinove announced on Wednesday that the Commercial Court of Montpellier had rendered a judgment confirming the conversion of the receivership proceedings, initiated last November, into judicial liquidation.

No takeover offer having been submitted before the expiry of the deadline for submitting offers, set for January 9, Deinove had asked Euronext to suspend the listing of its share on January 11.

The French biotechnology company, a pioneer in bacterial biodiversity and antimicrobial resistance, indicates that its listing will remain suspended until the outcome of the delisting procedure, which should take place soon.

In the event that the compulsory liquidation does not give rise to the distribution of a bonus to the shareholders, Deinove would then inform its shareholders of the fact that their shares are worthless.

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