Delegate Assembly – FDP President Burkart: Protection of Switzerland through cooperation – News

  • FDP President Thierry Burkart campaigned for the procurement of new fighter jets and closer cooperation with NATO at the delegates’ meeting in Andermatt UR.
  • The protection of Switzerland can only be guaranteed through cooperation.
  • The actual attack by Putin was an attack on individual freedom, said Burkart at his second delegates’ meeting as party president.

With the war in Ukraine, the basis of liberalism, for which the FDP is committed, is under attack, said Burkart. If these values ​​were attacked, the FDP could not remain silent. It is important to fly the flag, to get involved and to say what needs to be done. It has been shown that security in Europe is not God-given and cannot be taken for granted.

Slogan formulation and war in the Ukraine

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The delegates of the FDP Switzerland this Saturday in Andermatt UR summarize the slogan for the reform of the withholding tax, which will be voted on in autumn. The party is also positioning itself for the elections with position papers on Europe, migration and security.

The start of the FDP delegates’ meeting in the VBS multi-purpose hall in Andermatt is all about topicality: Federal President Ignazio Cassis and Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter talk about the war in Ukraine. The topic is also the pacemaker for two of the three position papers that are to be adopted by the delegates: It’s about security and migration.

“There are situations in which you have to defend yourself militarily.” You also have to get involved beyond the borders and do your own homework, the FDP President continued. The Swiss army must be ready for action, which also includes the procurement of new fighter jets. “There is nothing more cooperative in Europe than monitoring and protecting the airspace.”

solidarity with refugees

In certain areas, protection for Switzerland can only be achieved through cooperation. The FDP is therefore committed to closer cooperation with NATO. In his speech, Burkart also referred to another side of the war: that of the refugees. Europe has shown solidarity in this regard, but is also facing a “huge challenge”.

He does not rule out that the political discussion will return to the issue of migration. The FDP wants to be prepared for this. He wanted to offer his party a united stance on the issue and solutions.

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