delegate the management of your PEA? It is now possible!

This Tuesday, the online bank Boursorama Banque, a subsidiary of Socit Generale, joined forces with the asset manager Amundi to launch a savings plan in shares (PEA) under profiled management. Update on this new offer.

Unstoppable Boursorama Banque. Since last January, over a million customers came to swell the ranks of the pink and blue bank. Two-thirds of them are under 30 years old. And many are showing interest in the equity savings plan (PEA). Result? One new PEA opened in five is at Boursorama.

To support its clients, and in particular the youngest, who do not always have the time or the expertise to invest in the stock market but wish to take advantage of equity market opportunities, Boursorama Banque has just announced the launch of a new profile management offer.

Customers of the leading French online bank who have subscribed to a classic PEA or a PEA for 18-25 years to benefit from the particularly advantageous tax framework of these products can now delegate all or part of the management of their portfolio to Amundi experts, the largest asset manager in Europe.

Retirement : save by paying less tax. 13 contracts compared

Up to 1.60% fee per year

In detail, the new offer is broken down into 4 management profiles to meet the needs of all investors: Prudent, Balanced, Internationally Dynamic and Responsible Offensive. Interesting feature: the Responsible Offensive profile is made up of 100% labeled funds. The costs accrued on the profile management of the PEA range from 0.77% (Cautious profile) 1.60% (Offensive profile) per year and are among the weakest in the market, indicates Boursorama Banque. The bank does not charge any entry or exit fees and no fees on redemptions or arbitrations, nor on free deposits or programs.

The subscription and management of your PEA will be done 100% on mobile. And a detailed view of your portfolio will be available from the Boursorama Banque application to allow you to easily compare the performance of profile management with that of free management.

Stock market: in banks, the PEA costs less than the securities account

Available from 100 euros

One of the strengths of this new product is that it allows combine two management methods on the same PEA. A first in France. The possibility of associating free management and profile management makes it possible to satisfy the greatest number, from novices to confirmed investors, explains Boursorama Banque. A detail that is important, since the law limits 1 per person the number of PEAs that can be opened.

Boursorama Banque’s new PEA profile aims to be accessible to as many people as possible. The entry ticket is 100 euros for subscription and 20 euros for free installments programms. Enough to offer everyone the possibility of building up savings gradually over time, hopes the pink and blue bank.

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