Delfingen: strong growth in current operating profit in 2023 – 04/02/2024 at 6:30 p.m.

(AOF) – Delfingen announces a net profit group share down 14.8% in 2023 to 6.9 million euros, for a turnover up 9.5% to 456.7 million euros euros. The automotive equipment manufacturer specializing in cabling protection solutions for the mobility and industrial markets highlights the 33.6% increase in its current operating profit to 28.1 million euros, and will propose the payment of a dividend of 1.15 euros per share for the 2023 financial year. The latter is up 80% compared to the previous financial year.

In 2024, Delfingen aims to improve its operational performance and reduce its debt thanks to positive net cash flow and strict management of its investments. It is based on the S&P Global Mobility study of February 2024, according to which global automobile production should be stable in 2024 to maintain at 90 million vehicles produced worldwide.


Negotiations with manufacturers

On average, equipment manufacturers represent between 60 to 85% of the manufacturing cost price of a vehicle. According to the Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries (Fiev) negotiations are very tense with manufacturers regarding the passing on of the increase in costs. The price increases concern electronic components, raw materials, such as steel, nickel, lithium or palladium, energy and transport. The equipment manufacturers mainly negotiate with Stellantis and Renault to set up indices to pass on the increases. They are also betting on innovation, differentiation, moving upmarket and internationalization.

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