Deliveries started – “digital school”: 92 percent participate

Digitization has long been an important part of our living and working world. The current, challenging times due to the corona are also making digitization an ever larger part of everyday educational life. For this reason, Styria sets the "8 point plan for digitization ″ of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research consistently.

Comprehensive measures are being taken in schools on the basis of the 8-point plan for digitization initiated by the federal government. The plan, which has been promoted throughout Austria with around 250 million euros, provides for, among other things, the simplification and standardization of (digital) communication processes at the interface between school and parents, the large-scale expansion of the school infrastructure and the provision of digital devices for students and teachers. This is the largest investment in digital infrastructure to date. Numerous schools have announced their interest in laptops and tablets for pupils in the 5th and 6th grades and confirmed them by developing a location-specific digitization concept. Some of the devices are sustainable “refurbished” devices at their own request. The next step is planned to be the output of digital devices in the 5th and 6th grade in the current school year 2021/2022, and in the 5th grade from the school year 2022/23. In Styria, a total of 221 secondary schools and lower AHS schools are eligible to participate, 92 percent of which have registered.

1.2 million euros, staff and software for local schools
In order to accompany the roll-out of the project and to ensure that it runs smoothly, the state of Styria has put together a digitization package worth EUR 1.2 million. The federal government provides three end devices for educators for all participating classes in compulsory schooling. In addition, the state of Styria is financing a fourth device per class. That is a total of 800 additional devices for teachers who will prepare for the digital lessons in the best possible way. “This digitization package shows that we as the state government continue to provide impetus in important future areas, despite the tight budget situation. Investments in the education and the future of our children and young people have top priority. As a financial officer, it is therefore of the greatest importance to me to make this 1.2 million euros available for optimally equipping our students and educators. In the area of ​​digitization in particular, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our Styrian educational institutions are up to date ″, emphasizes Deputy Governor. Anton Lang.

Ensure quality of life and education
“Corona in particular has shown us how important it is to advance digitization in the classroom. Creating the right framework conditions not only includes end devices, but also the associated software applications and personal support. With this action, which is based on the White-Green Agenda, we are promoting opportunities for everyone at the school as a place of learning and at the same time ensuring the quality of life and education, ”said Juliane Bogner-Strauss, Minister of Education. “Digitization also presents us with major challenges in the field of education. We know that due to the rapid development we have to pay special attention to digital media and how to use them carefully. It is therefore a matter of particular concern to us to rapidly advance the development of schools and teaching in this direction. The teachers of the schools who take part in the ‘digital school’ project know about the correct and sensible use of the media. I am pleased that the project is so well received, “said Styrian Education Director Elisabeth Meixner.

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