Delphine Jubillar: Did her lover’s companion lie? His testimony questioned!

New twist in the case Delphine Jubillar : the hearings of the lover of the disappeared from the Tarn and the companion of the latter were revealed in the columns of The Noon Dispatch. Words that show a new face to the one who had won the heart of the nurse in divorce proceedings from Cédric Jubillar (in pretrial detention for homicide by spouse) and which also contradicts certain information on the relationship between the young woman and the companion of the one who was nicknamed the “confidant of Montauban”.

Two versions now oppose each other. In her statements before the investigating judges, C., 32, the companion of Delphine Jubillar’s lover said on June 30, 2022, according to The Dispatch : “I saw Delphine as a confidante. I was not aware that this relationship was well underway. I didn’t know he had plans to break up with me. I did not measure what was happening between them. It was when Delphine disappeared that I understood.”

Her companion, whom she literally knocks out in her remarks also by qualifying him as a narcissistic pervert who multiplies the conquests, holds a different speech. Employee of a DIY sign and piano teacher in his spare time, he said that his companion and mother of their child knew that it was a romantic relationship between Delphine and him. He would have spoken to him about it openly on December 15, 2020, the final day during which the mother of Louis and Elyah was seen alive.

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyer had given many details of this triangular relationship to the New Detective : “This man gave piano lessons. One day, his wife came in unexpectedly and fell on Delphinesaid the controversial master Jean-Baptiste Alary. He swore that she was his student when they had probably just had an intimate relationship in the marital bed. When she learned the truth, we understand that she felt betrayed, humiliated”, he added. According to BFMTV, she then asked for explanations exchanging SMS with her rival. Despite their differences, the two women would have agreed to wait for the right moment before revealing anything and putting their romance “on hold”, namely that the lover and his partner are officially separated, after the Christmas time.

However, Delphine Jubillar reportedly “violated” the rules: the same evening, she sent a photo of her to her lover in a playsuit, which the investigators confirmed. For the defense, the track of the betrayed woman was not explored enough but she had an alibi which convinced the justice, just like his companion: the night of the disappearance of the nurse, they were together, which the demarcation of their mobile phone confirmed.Questions now arise on the different versions presented of the relationship between this trio…

Cédric Jubillar remains presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment of this case.

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