Delphine Jubillar unfaithful: the underside of her affair with her lover…

Six months before his sudden disappearance, Delphine Jubillar had met another man. She had for some time taken a step back from her marriage to Cedric, enduring her life with a man who no longer satisfied her. The discreet thirty-year-old had decided to take her life in hand, tired of the life of “Bidochon” that she considers that her husband offered her. The dedicated nurse and loving mother of Louis and Elyah, as described by those close to her, had registered on a dating site. Quickly, she crossed paths with a piano teacher who lives in Montauban. In the serial of Figaro on the unsolved case, we learn more about their meeting and their couple.

In the shade of the weeping willows, they exchange their first kiss. For the second tete-a-tete, they meet in a hotel along the highway near Toulouse. Their first embraces are tied in a room reserved for the day, with pale walls and anthracite carpet“, writing Le Figaro. From July 2020, Delphine is delighted with this new relationship, light years away from the one she lives with Cédric. The latter, provocative often rude was often embarrassing in public. With her lover, the picnics are certainly on the hood of a car, but bucolic and peaceful.

An equally physical transformation takes place. Her loved ones notice that she pays more attention to herself. “Delphine swaps her comfortable pajamas for fine lingerie, which she takes care to leave in the locker at the clinic“, we read in the daily newspaper. An event will also mark this enchanted parenthesis in the sentimental life of the young woman: her disappearance one night in August: “Officially to observe the spectacle of the milky way. Unofficially, to call her lover.”

Far from being a love affair, this story turned into a future for Delphine. The lovers planned to settle together from the year 2021, i.e. after the end-of-year celebrations, in order to respect the will of her lover’s companion to digest her separation. According to Le Figaro, they had even planned to marry in the majestic cathedral of Albi. Projects that will never see the light of day…

Cédric Jubillar remains presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment of this case.

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