Delphine Jubillar: we finally know who activated her cell phone after her disappearance

Shortly after Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance, her phone had been switched on. A mystery that New Detective to be elucidated on January 19.

Disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2021, Delphine Jubillar vanished in the middle of the night with her phone. Leaving behind her car, bank card and identity papers. A telephone which, according to several media, miraculously lit up after the disappearance of the nurse. A mystery that the New Detective to, this January 19, elucidated.

Who was playing with the phone, killing him? Delphine herself, still alive?”, first questioned our colleagues, before revealing: “In reality, it was the investigators who accessed remotely At the phone.” A judicious act on the part of the latter, who were trying to infiltrate the phone of the mother of the family in order to obtain ample information on its geographical position. Unfortunately, their search turned up nothing…

His body, soon to be found?

Always leaning on this affair which has fascinated all of France for more than a year, investigators are currently in the process of discovering where is hidden the body of Delphine Jubillar. Following the recent confessions of a former cell neighbor, they learned that Cédric Jubillar had confided to him that he had concealed the body of his wife near a place that burned. Since January 17, a team has been examining every abandoned path near this famous recently burned farm – not far from the family home – in order to find the body of the latter.

And according to the words of a medium on social networks, Delphine Jubillar may soon be found. known as nicknameEmma.medium, the latter assured on January 18 on her account to have located the perimeter where the body of the nurse is. Via a video, the young clairvoyant said: “We come to the end“. Before continuing: “It moves !! The army is on the spot. They are looking near the farm and the woods next to it... I have just been informed that Madame Delpeche had just donated a place similar to mine…

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