Demand is stuttering – austerity measures! Agricultural technology company reduces working hours

In the area of ​​hay technology and drying technology, LASCO Heutechnik GmbH is considered one of the innovation drivers in the agricultural industry, but this too is feeling the effects of the economic engine that is faltering. The result: A reduction in working hours was agreed with the employees.

The willingness to innovate and invest is also inhibited in the agricultural sector – this is not without consequences for LASCO Heutechnik GmbH from Pöndorf. As a necessary measure to deal with the crisis, as the company says, employees are reducing their working hours by 13%, while the company is also reducing salaries by 11%. Terminations should be expressly avoided. Internal short-time work will initially apply at the company from the Hausruckviertel until the end of the year. The owners and managing directors Werner and Johannes Landrichinger say it can be ended early at any time. What are the reasons for the savings steps? LASCO mentions the stagnating economy, high inflation and the tense interest rate situation, which in turn slows farmers’ willingness to innovate and invest. The hay and drying technology specialist had sales of almost 19 million euros last year and currently employs 70 people.
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