Demo riots – Turkey ambassador: “It could have been my turn”

During celebrations in Vienna to mark the 100th anniversary of Turkey’s founding, riots broke out during a Kurdish protest. The Turkish ambassador told that he was shocked by the escalation: “They were really violent. It could have been my turn!”

There were wild scenes in Vienna-Wieden at a concert celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. In a video circulating on social networks, an embassy security employee can be seen trying to pull demonstrators from the “Defend Kurdistan” organization away from the entrance. One of the embassy employees even kicks someone sitting down. Policeman draws weaponThe scene escalates further when a policeman suddenly draws his pistol. The reason for this is said to have been a stone being thrown at a metal gate. The Vienna police explained that after “realizing the situation,” the colleague “immediately holstered the pistol again.” Other demonstrators also tried to break into the venue. “Could have received punches” This fact worries Turkish Ambassador Ozan Ceyhun. “I don’t know whether they would have offered me punches,” he explains in an interview with He was grateful for the intervention of the security officers and the Vienna police. It was also clear to him: “This was not a Kurdish demonstration. These are the supporters of the PKK, a terrorist organization.”Demonstrators: “100 years of Turkey – no reason to celebrate” The demonstration was organized by the organization “Defend Kurdistan”. The demonstrators’ banners read, among other things, “100 years of Turkey – no reason to celebrate.” According to the broadcast, they demonstrated against Turkey “using all means to wage war against Kurds in Rojava or supporting Azerbaijan (sic!) in driving the Armenian population out of Artsakh.” You can see the entire statement from the Turkish ambassador above!
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