Demon’s Souls graphics reportedly put pressure on From Software for Elden Ring

I’m sure our graphics team really felt the pressure more than anyone. And it’s not with Elden Ring, but with all of our games. Graphics are not something we give top priority to. What we ask from the graphics depends on the platforms and requirements of the game itself, and it has a lower priority compared to other elements of development.

This is an area that makes me a little sorry to the graphics team, as I know they work extremely hard. They worked really hard on Elden Ring, and they released new features to make the best looking game we’ve ever made.

Like you said, I wasn’t directly involved in the design of the Demon’s Souls remake, but I didn’t play it. The reason is that I don’t enjoy playing the titles that I have made in the past. The reason is that they conjure up too many old emotions and memories, and it’s a little overwhelming, it doesn’t feel like playing anymore. So I haven’t played it, but I’m very happy to see it looking fresh with new next-gen graphics.

It was an old game, so seeing it renovated in this way and allowing new players to play it obviously makes me very happy.

The development of this game had been difficult, and the result was not perfect, so I was concerned that the players would not like it the same. That was one of my concerns when it was released again, but in the end, I’m happy to see people enjoying it.

A really funny thing was seeing Bluepoint Games inventing things that we hadn’t considered, and approaching certain elements of the game and its visuals in ways that we couldn’t, or hadn’t, at the time. So seeing them research and apply these new ideas and techniques was really interesting.

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