Demonstration in Berlin for a taxation of the rich and the regulation of prices

Several thousand people, according to police and organizers, demonstrated on Saturday in Berlin in favor of taxation of the richest and control of food prices. The demonstrators, gathered behind a banner “Redistribute!“, paraded in the center of the capital at the call of several left-wing organizations to protest against soaring prices and rents.

At least 3,000 demonstrators, according to police and organizers, demanded taxation of the wealthiest to deal with the crisis and a framework for food prices, in the inflationary context caused in particular by the war in Ukraine. “Expropriation is half the way” Where “Redistribute! From high to low“, could we read on signs and banners. The economic systemprioritizes profits over people’s needs“, denounced another banner.

Inflation in Germany is the highest it has been in over 70 years and hit 10.4% in October, according to final figures released on Friday, linked to soaring energy prices amid war in Ukraine . This inflation weighs on the purchasing power of households and puts industry, the lung of the first economy in the euro zone, in difficulty. In Berlin, there is also a surge in rents putting many tenants in difficulty.

The government, which predicts a 0.4% recession next year, has multiplied initiatives before the summer to mitigate soaring energy prices, such as train tickets at 9 euros or discounts on fuel . Most of these measures nevertheless came to an end at the start of the school year. In September, the German Social Democratic Chancellor (SPD) Olaf Scholz therefore announced the release of a massive 200 billion euro plan to cap energy costs for households and businesses.

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