Demonstration to defend abortion in Paris: “Even in my worst nightmares, I could not have imagined a return to this right”


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At the call of several feminist collectives, a hundred demonstrators gathered this Friday evening in Paris to defend the right to abortion in the world. In particular in the United States, where the Supreme Court threatens to question it.

A swarm of hangers, brandished at arm’s length, slice the blue sky overhanging the Place de la République, in Paris. One of them proclaims in red letters “Never again”. An echo of these instruments of torture used for years by French women before the adoption of the Veil law legalizing voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) in 1975. A reminder that too many women still live in the world, at the risk of their lives, for lack of being granted the right to dispose of their bodies, and a warning of what is looming across the Atlantic.

A hundred demonstrators gathered this Friday evening in the capital to defend the right to abortion, on the initiative of feminist activists from the young collective Scum, joined by members of “Abortion in Europe – Women decide” , which include Dare Feminism and Family Planning. A movement of solidarity towards their “sisters” Americans.

“We must not let go of an inch of ground”

“If we let a big country like the United States go back on the right to abortion, we

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