Den of the Lions 2020: What Nico Rosberg is really addicted to

In the new episode, we learn a lot of private information about the investors – for example, that Nico Rosberg is so addicted to mobile phones that he doesn't own one.

Absolute trend topics in the "Den of the Lions" at VOX: Products and ideas for sustainability, health, learning, sport and awareness were presented in the program on September 7th. Unfortunately, enthusiasm and willingness to invest do not always match …

It starts with a small demo with a live cow in the studio: "Let Mila vly!" Chant the three founders of "vly", a plant-based milk alternative. Vegans Nikolas Hartmann, cook Moritz Braunwarth and business economist Niklas Kattner have invested over two years of work in the laboratory and almost a million euros in this. They have developed a milk alternative based on the yellow split pea that has better nutritional values ​​than the usual alternatives such as oats and soy. The lions are impressed, there is consistently praise, but the deal still never comes. Investor Georg Kofler (63) does not want 8 percent of the 500,000 euros, but 35 percent of the company share – too much for the Berliners, who are satisfied with the positive feedback. And a raving Judith Williams (48): "Great guys, really, really great."

Next, paramedic Kai Döringer and his former neighbor Hüseyin Saygili want to help children learn to write. For 50,000 euros they are offering 20 percent of their product, the "writing pilot". But first the lions have to go back to school: The highlight of the exercise book is that the letters are not drawn freehand as usual, but are engraved into the paper. In this way, the children should get a feel for handwriting faster – and probably also get downright crazy after writing. The Lions find the idea "sensible" and "honorable", but no longer believe in cursive writing, but rather digitalization. Ralf Dümmel (53) is still there – for 25 percent, he is accepted into the team with a warm hug.

Nico Rosberg in addiction counseling

It's getting more modern with Christina, Marius and Selcuk: The psychologist, together with the computer scientist and the business economist, invented an app with which digital mindfulness can be learned. For new lion Nico Rosberg (35) exactly the right thing: "I don't have a smartphone. Because I'm addicted. I'm going crazy there," he announced to his colleagues in advance. In the best smombie fashion, the three founders do not present anything at all, but instead play around on their cell phones while standing in front of the lions. The pitch is right, with the app the user should be able to train to use digital media carefully, healthily and sensibly. And not in important moments. They want 150,000 euros for a 10 percent stake in their company "Not less but better". Of course, Rosberg feels picked up: "Great, this is such a huge social problem!"

But the deal won't be that easy. After a short meeting, Carsten Maschmeyer (61) and Rosberg demand a 25 percent company share for their investment. The three founders withdraw – to first take a deep breath, pause and finally continue negotiating. The deal has actually already broken, so Maschmeyer speaks to the three of them again. After all, they still meet at 20 percent. And Rosberg begins to dream: "If I do the program myself, I can finally use a smartphone again!"

However, the lions are not convinced by a training device that is supposed to help in solo tennis. The tennis player Alexander Lenfers invented a well thought-out, mobile tennis wall out of necessity, with which it should be possible to play in the smallest of spaces – and alone. For Judith Williams (48) a dream comes true: Due to her lack of skills, she cannot find anyone who wants to play tennis with her. Despite the forecast "mega-market in the private sector", the Lions 'enthusiasm for tennis does not match Lenfers' enthusiasm. "I think that's too boring in the long run," is Maschmeyer's devastating judgment. "Unfortunately, the Lions did not recognize the added value. Of course, this is partly because they are not tennis experts themselves," said the disappointed founder. After he is out of the studio, the lions "secretly" try their hand at the device called "Hitpartner". "It's fun, it's great fun!" Said the entrepreneur Williams – a little late, the insight.

Good product – bad pitch

Finally, Dr. Jörg Köhler and Bianca Berg solve another nocturnal problem: Their patented bite guard "Bruxane" is supposed to prevent nocturnal teeth grinding by means of a vibration signal. The founders want 600,000 for ten percent. The presentation, however, crunches enormously: The company valuation of six million is too high, the development time of nine years is noticeably long, a company turnover of 55,000 last year, "yes nothing!", Says Kofler. Investor Nils Glagau (44) bares his teeth: "If the doctor or the patient is convinced, then he will recommend the product. Then you would not have only sold 150 pieces to men and women in recent years. So I have 'I don't feel like it anymore, I'm out. " Dagmar Wöhrl (66), Dümmel and Maschmeyer are convinced of this, but want 36 percent. The so far only moderately successful entrepreneurs are getting involved in the deal and are happy about the power of three lions.