Den of Wolves is the new heist game from the creators of Payday 1 & 2

What a strange feeling to have seen a trailer that could have been by Neill Blomkamp. The futuristic context, the editing which alternates “filmed” shots with camera in hand, game sequences in overloaded FPS mode, and a very heavy atmosphere: the South African director’s recipe is not far away, and yet it is good at 10Chambers (GTFO) that we owe this first trailer of Den of Wolves. Heist game turfu, DOW (as some artworks already demonstrate) has been in development at 10Chambers for more than two years.

Espionage, assassinations and sabotage on the program

Ulf Andersson, director of the game explains the change in tone between Payday And DOW : “In the past we’ve worked on games focused more on classic bank heist themes, the sci-fi aspect will help raise the bar on what heists can be. Normally the player can only rob a limited number of banks, Den of Wolves takes it to the next level by adding industrial espionage, sabotage and even assassination. The science fiction theme allowed us to try a lot of things”.

Without using the term cyberpunk, we can easily guess that it is this branch of SF that the 10Chambers teams have set up shop. Midway City, the city where the action of DOW, is dominated by mega-corporations that use AI to control the global economy. They are opposed by societies “supported by Big Pharma“(conspirators from all countries, pop the champagne) who designed a data protection system exploiting human brains, thus being totally protected from AI.

Co-founder of 10Chambers, Simon Viklund talks in more detail about Midway City: “The game isn’t open world, but we place a high value on world-building, and the narrative we’ve crafted around the island is expansive. We want Midway City to look like a credible city of the future, where late capitalism has spread and industries set the rules. As a player, you reside in the city’s underground sectors, without any real identity or papers, establishing your allegiances to become a criminal entrepreneur in Midway City’s odd-job black market.“.

Having no official release date, Den of Wolves can still be added to the Steam wishlist now. The title will first be released in early access on PC, console ports (without platform details) are well planned.

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