Denim all over: That's why the fashion trend of the 00s is back

Denim all over
Stars love the fashion trend from the 2000s

Zoey German


Denim all over – those who didn't think the fashion trend of the 00s could make a comeback will now be taught better. These stars love the new jeans hype.

A partner look that has gone down in fashion history: 20 years ago, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears shaped a whole generation in their denim all-over look. Whether it's a denim dress, jacket and pants combination or as a jumpsuit – the main thing is to dress from head to toe in the popular denim. Wide trousers such as cullotes, palazzo trousers or paperbag trousers have replaced the rough workwear fabric – until now.

Zoey Deutch inspires in denim look

The utility style is particularly popular again with celebrity women. No wonder! Denim fabrics are robust, the blue tones of the washes flatter our complexion and the styles give our look a certain retro charm. Actress Zoey Deutch is already a fan of the 2000s trend and trudges through Los Angeles in bell-bottoms and a western shirt, both in dark denim tones. Hollywood beauty is holding back with accessories. She doesn't need them either, because the dark blue tone of her outfit makes her red hair shine.

Denim all over: denim dresses are so sexy

Victoria Swarovski is also a fan of the denim all-over look. In a floor-length denim dress, she proves that not only lace lingerie can be seductive. In order to adapt the look even more to the 2000s, she combined choker and sunglasses with mirrored lenses. One could almost think that singer Anastacia, 52, dug out her old stage outfit.

Light denim for summer

Dark denim styles like those worn by Zoey Deutch and Victoria Swarovski are not recommended for summer. Actress Chloë Grace Moretz shows a great alternative on the new cover of "Shape" magazine. Here, the look is loosened up by light denim, making it look fresh and modern.

There is not much to consider with the uniform look, but as with so much, less is more. Restraint with accessories is the key here.

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