Denis Brogniart shows his living room in the TF1 television news: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Where are the French confined? An Ifop * study fell on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 in order to paint a portrait of those locked up in France. Result: 24% are confined to a “Apartment with balcony, terrace or private garden”, 12% in one “Apartment without balcony, terrace or private garden”, 3% in a “Detached house without garden”, 60% in one “Detached house with garden” and 1% in one “Other accommodation.” Denis Brogniart has the chance to belong to the penultimate category: that of those who can stretch their legs thanks to their “detached house with garden. ” But the host of Koh Lanta think also of all those who are not in his case. Thursday, April 9, he appeared in the 1 p.m. television news, on TF1, in order to give ideas to those who start to get bored and cannot frolic in a garden. “In an apartment, not easy to do a little exercise”, warns Jean-Pierre Pernaut as a launch. “You have to do it, and we have a coach for that. From time to time, he comes to give us ideas, it's Denis Brogniart. Look, little tips for playing sports, even if we have nothing at home! ”

Adventure king shows confined people how to play with furniture

"So Jean-Pierre, we will see today how to have fun at home using everyday furniture", begins Denis Brogniart. This is where the host of Koh Lanta has proven, if we didn't already know, that he was made to present this show. Play table tennis with logs and pans, basketball with a wastepaper basket, golf with a broom and two meters… Denis Brogniart, who could last for years on a desert island, is clearly not lacking in inventiveness and even goes so far as to make Jean-Pierre Pernaut want to get involved “Tennis with a little ball of papers” and a frying pan. But what especially pleased some viewers, during this sequence, is to be able see what the place of containment of their favorite presenter looked like. Even the most attentive observers could even see one of his daughters playing stealthy table tennis with him.

In a recent (distance) interview with Konbini, Denis Brogniart left some secrets about his situation during the Covid-19 crisis. “I am currently confined to my house in the Paris suburbs about ten kilometers from Paris”, he explained. "I am fortunate to be with my family, my wife and three daughters. There is only my son who is with his girlfriend in another universe to review business school competitions. " Even if Denis Brogniart has already seen the episodes of the last season of Koh Lanta, he took advantage of the confinement to see them again as a family. “I often watch with my children”, he slips. "This is the occasion, even more in containment mode. And when they ask me what will happen in two episodes, they can turn around to go back to their room, they will have no answer. I say the same thing to my wife, by the way! " His sentence is irrevocable.

* Study Ifop for Consolab carried out by self-administered online questionnaire from March 21 to 23, 2020 with a sample of 3,011 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over residing in mainland France

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