Deployment over Lake Michigan: USA again briefly block part of the airspace

Deployment over Lake Michigan
The United States again temporarily block part of the airspace

The United States is on alert after two flying objects were shot down. One of the country’s largest lakes is now being declared “national defense airspace”. After a short time, the authorities collect the block again.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has temporarily closed part of the airspace over Lake Michigan in the north of the United States. The North American Air Defense Command Norad said on Twitter that in cooperation with the FAA, air traffic over the area had been temporarily restricted to ensure safety during a Norad mission. The airspace over the lake had been declared “national defense airspace,” the FAA said. The restriction has since been lifted. More details about the background were not initially given.

A temporary closure of airspace over the US state of Montana only caused a stir on Saturday. The background was a “radar anomaly”, Norad later announced. Warplanes were sent to investigate. However, the aircraft could not have identified an object that could be linked to the radar hits.

American airspace is currently under special surveillance. US fighter jets shot down two unidentified flying objects on Friday and Saturday: one off the coast of the US state of Alaska, the other over northern Canada. So far it is unclear what kind of objects they were, where they came from and what their goal was. The salvage of the remains of the flying objects should provide information. According to leading US politician Chuck Schumer, these were balloons again.

A week ago, the US Air Force took down a Chinese balloon suspected of being used for espionage purposes off the coast of the state of South Carolina. It is still unclear whether there is a connection with the recent incidents. The US government accuses China of using the observation balloon to spy on military installations. Beijing, on the other hand, spoke of a civilian research balloon that had gone off course.

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