Der Bergdoktor: Can Hans Sigl get anything good out of the corona phase?

The mountain doctor
Can Hans Sigl get something good out of the corona phase?

Many patients and challenges await the "Bergdoktor" Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) in the new season

© ZDF / Erika Hauri

"Der Bergdoktor" starts its longest season. In an interview, actor Hans Sigl is pleased that more could be shot despite Corona.

"Der Bergdoktor" starts on Thursday (January 14th, 8:15 pm, ZDF) in the new and at the same time longest season. Despite the difficult shooting conditions caused by Corona – "tests twice a week and lots of safety requirements" – eight films of 90 minutes each and thus one more episode than usual could be produced. How it was on set, what he thinks privately about the Corona phase and what he wants for 2021, explains lead actor Hans Sigl (51) in an interview with spot on news.

How much has the filming of the regular season been affected?

Hans Sigl: The plan was for us to start shooting again on May 5, 2020. That was postponed to June. And then there was something of science fiction à la Roland Emmerich (65, "Independence Day") when the man with a visor, face mask, white suit stood in front of you for the first time, took a throat swab and measured a fever.

All in all, it took us longer for everything on this shoot. We were very lucky that we were shooting 80 percent of the scenes outside. It was easier for us to keep our distance than with a studio production in Cologne. But of course it was a completely absurd and bizarre year for our production too. Toi, toi, toi we were able to make eight films – even one more episode than before.

Have you generally already got used to the new procedure for filming?

Sigl: Strangely enough, I actually got used to it, but I still don't want to admit it. For us cultural workers, the whole issue is really a disaster. That's why I'm grateful and humble every day I go filming that I can work on television and make films. Of course, all of my live performances have also been canceled. But you have to remain optimistic and believe that it will hopefully be different again.

You already have more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. That could also become a source of income. Would influencers be for you?

Sigl: That's right, there have already been inquiries, but that has to be right for you. Somehow I can't imagine a make-up tutorial … but I could actually do it out of joke and frolic (laughs).

What are your wishes, goals, plans for 2021?

Sigl: I am humble and grateful that the year is full for me. I'm shooting a "Bergdoktor" winter special in February. Then I shoot the second part of the thriller "Escape through Höllental" and then there is another season of "Bergdoktor". That lasts until December again. And in between I can do a couple of readings, which I look forward to because contact with the audience is always nice. I'll try to put in a couple of solo evenings too. For example, I have a small talk series with four evenings in the comedy in the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. I am looking forward.

So you are firmly expecting that there will be an audience again next year?

Sigl: Well, I'll put it this way: The talk series in the Bavarian Comedy is from April. We are very confident about that. And I hope that by the middle of March / April everything has normalized to the extent that the theaters can be filled half or three quarters again.

Do you dare to book a summer vacation?

Sigl: I'm an optimist and my glass is always full. We thought about something and I made a reservation. Otherwise you have to wait. What you have learned in 2020 is that you just have to be more flexible and sometimes make compromises when it just doesn't work.

Can you get anything good out of the corona phase?

Sigl: I spoke to a colleague earlier on the phone and he said that there was something good about the whole thing. It's different for me. I can't get any good from that. I don't even want to put it in relation. It would be too banal for me to say: Hurray, I've now learned yoga. The topic is too serious for me, people died and many others experienced great suffering.

I find it shocking how much society can be divided by the topic. At the beginning it was still said, we show solidarity and clap on the balcony and the like. Then the shot backfired pretty quickly. And I think Corona has already shown an ugly grimace. We're not doing really well there.

Nonetheless, something positive has happened for many people: The view of the other has become more important. We'll leave out all the oaths and talk about the other 95 percent of people who do take care of each other. That’s also true.