“Der Bergdoktor” star Hans Sigl puts prices in the bedroom

“The Mountain Doctor” star Hans Sigl
“… So that I can see how horny I am every morning”

“The Mountain Doctor” actor Hans Sigl

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“Der Bergdoktor” actor Hans Sigl can look forward to many awards for his work – and has a very special place for it in his home.

“Der Bergdoktor” leading actor Hans Sigl, 53, can look back on an extremely successful career: the actor has made a name for himself both on the theater stage and on television, and is allowed to win such honorable prizes as the Romy (in the category “Most popular actor in a series /Series”) and the Goldene Henne (also an audience award) to call his own. And for those awards, the actor has a special place in his own four walls, as he revealed in an interview with Micky Beisenherz, 45, in his podcast “Apocalypse and Filter Coffee”.

“Der Bergdoktor”: Prices from Sigl have “found a really nice place”

The actor has already been honored six times for his work – six prizes that had to find a correspondingly present place in his home. And what room is better than your own bedroom? “I draped the prizes in front of, next to and behind my bed so that I can see how horny I am every morning,” Sigl jokes in an interview.

Shortly thereafter, the actor clarifies the whole thing: “They have found a nice place on a shelf, there they stand with a lot of humility and gratitude. If I feel like it, I’ll walk by there and say ‘thank you’ very quietly, because they are audience awards. And I am particularly happy about these audience awards.”

Actor did not attend the awards this year

In the last few years, Sigl has been able to look forward to receiving the Romy four times. However, the whole thing looked different in 2022 and currently 2023. But the actor is not bothered by this fact and looks calmly into the future: “Who knows what will happen next year.” However, he was not present at the 2023 ceremony because he was busy with other things – namely the start of the 17th season of “Der Bergdoktor”.

The new season promises to be a lot less dramatic than season 16: the signs for Martin Gruber (Sigl) are probably love, because Karin (Hilde Dalik, 44), with whom he had more than one flirtation, will also be in the be back for the new season. How things will continue with the two will only become apparent next year, because ZDF will probably not broadcast new episodes of “Der Bergdoktor” until 2024.

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