Der Bergdoktor: Will Hans Sigl end the series?


"The Mountain Doctor"
Will Hans Sigl leave the series after this season?

Hans Sigl as Dr. Martin Gruber in "The Mountain Doctor"

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All series news in Brigitte ticker: "Der Bergdoktor": Is Hans Sigl leaving the series? +++ Jessica Ginkel: The ex "The Teacher" star shows his brother.

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January 20, 2021

"Der Bergdoktor": Is Hans Sigl leaving the series?

"Der Bergdoktor" will finally be back on ZDF on January 14th. The series is already in its 14th season. The stories have been running with great success for years. This is primarily thanks to him: main actor Hans Sigl, 51. Since 2008 he has played the title role of Dr. Martin Gruber. That's a long time. The 51-year-old is already planning to leave the series in order to devote himself to new projects?

The fans speculate on the internet whether Hans Sigl will slip into the doctor's coat again in the next season. Now he gives the all-clear. The actor answered questions from the "Bergdoktor" fan club and shared the wonderful news with them. "Of course I'm still shooting for 'Der Bergdoktor': In March a new winter special, from June the 15th season with 7 episodes." What luck!

January 19, 2021

How sweet! Ex- "The Teacher" actress Jessica Ginkel posts an old picture of her brother

What an unexpected glimpse into her childhood! Actress Jessica Ginkel, 40, has been with her former GZSZ colleague Daniel Fehlow, 45, since 2012. The couple have two children together. The former "The Teacher" actress keeps her life far away from the cameras – she only occasionally posts private snapshots. And this time, your followers can look forward to a particularly cute picture: Jessica shared a picture from childhood days on Instagram.

On the throwback pic you can see two blonde children – on the right, Jessica looks at the camera as a toddler, while her older brother on the left shows his skills as an artist with a brush. In addition, she wrote loving lines to her brother: "Nobody knows me as well as he does. He is always there when I need him. What a great gift to have someone like that by his side. Big brother".

But the actress also found a few words about her own offspring. "When I watch my children like that, I think it's wonderful to see how they grow up together, how they play with each other, think up pranks, share their sweets, take care of each other, love each other," says Jessica on the photo and video platform.

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